Observability and Analytics for Modern Cloud Applications

What We Do

Netsil’s Application Operations Center (AOC) helps SREs and DevOps improve the resilience and performance of API and microservices driven production applications. At the heart of the AOC is an auto-discovered service topology, which is rendered from live service interaction analysis. It allows practitioners to visualize their service dependencies and operational metrics and work collaboratively across teams. This enables effective application monitoring, capacity planning, incident response, and deploy management.

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How Your DevOps Organization Benefits


Visual DevOps

Automatically map the topology of services and their interactions in real-time.


Universal Observability

A framework-agnostic observability solution that analyzes both your internal and external API traffic.


Lowest Time-to-Value

Get started in 10 mins or less with no change to application.


Lower Costs

The “analyze first and store later” approach avoids prohibitive logging costs in modern apps.


Reduced Alert Fatigue

Alerts based on Service Level Indicators (SLIs) allow you to focus on the KPIs that matter.

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