“May the queries flow, and the pager stay silent.”

-Traditional SRE Blessing

Monitoring Cassandra Health and Performance Metrics

Cassandra also allows workloads to run across multiple datacenters with support for low latency replication making it a great platform for mission-critical data. For engineering teams using Cassandra to deliver workloads at scale, it is critical to monitor the cluster health in real-time to avoid performance issues.

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Kubernetes, Kontainers and Kubernetes-native in 2018

Kubernetes has emerged as the dominant container orchestration platform. In 2017, it pretty much slayed all of its competition including Docker Swarm, DC/OS, AWS ECS. Containers simplify packaging, shipping and running of software applications but come with their own headaches. This is where Kubernetes comes in to help you run lots of containers without lots of headaches.

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Netsil Joins The Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Netsil and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that Netsil has joined the foundation as a Silver member. CNCF sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes. Netsil’s Application Operations Center (AOC) is an observability and monitoring platform for K8s applications.

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Kubernetes vs Openshift vs Tectonic (Part II)

In a previous blog, we covered a high-level overview, differences and use cases for Openshift, Tectonic and Vanilla Kubernetes. In this post we will take a deep-dive and evaluate them from perspective of supported environments, storage, networking, Operations and Ecosystem.

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Kubernetes Tutorial: Monitoring HTTP Service Health

HTTP API calls are the backbone of modern cloud applications especially Kubernetes based microservices applications. Yet, very little is done to understand the health of HTTP communications. It has been difficult to measure KPIs of latency, throughput and error rates for HTTP calls.

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Kubernetes Monitoring Needs Maps

Microservices applications are an intricate web of service interactions. All transactions are fulfilled through sequences of API and DB calls that span multiple services. It is absolutely critical to understand the service dependencies in microservices applications such as those running on Kubernetes.

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