“May the queries flow, and the pager stay silent.”

-Traditional SRE Blessing

Kubernetes Tutorial: Monitoring HTTP Service Health

HTTP API calls are the backbone of modern cloud applications especially Kubernetes based microservices applications. Yet, very little is done to understand the health of HTTP communications. It has been difficult to measure KPIs of latency, throughput and error rates for HTTP calls.

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Kubernetes Monitoring Needs Maps

Microservices applications are an intricate web of service interactions. All transactions are fulfilled through sequences of API and DB calls that span multiple services. It is absolutely critical to understand the service dependencies in microservices applications such as those running on Kubernetes.

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Kubernetes vs Openshift vs Tectonic

Kubernetes has now emerged as the de-facto container orchestration tool. The next question that emerges is “How do I implement it in production?” The answer is the famous phrase “it depends”. In this post, we shall go over various options for Kubernetes implementation…

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Telegraf vs collectd vs dd-agent

Most modern application monitoring systems consist of the following 3 core components: Collector – daemon(s) to gather metrics Time Series database – for storage of real-time, high volume metrics Query & Visualization – that enables queries and display charts to understand to understand metrics. We have…

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