Netsil Joins The Cloud Native Computing Foundation

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct 23, 2017 : The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) today announced that Netsil has joined the foundation as a Silver member. CNCF sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes and Netsil’s Application Operations Center (AOC) is an observability and monitoring platform for Kubernetes applications. With the AOC, Netsil enables DevOps teams to gain real-time visibility into the health and performance of their applications, without any code instrumentation.

cncf and netsil

Netsil joins CNCF as a Silver member

Network as the source-of-truth

Netsil (listen spelled backward), “listens” to service interactions and conducts a real-time analysis of network packets to obtain deep application insights. The AOC generates real-time maps of the entire Kubernetes cluster and captures dependencies with maps at host, namespace, pod and service levels.

With the AOC you get  key health metrics such as Latency, Throughput, Error Rates for pods and services. Having these key metrics and deep visibility into the health and performance of business critical services enables faster incident response and deploy management. As a result, DevOps teams are able to reduce downtime, ensure safer deployments and meet their service level objectives (SLOs).

CNCF, a part of the Linux Foundation, serves as a neutral home for collaboration and brings together the industry’s top developers, end users and vendors – including the six largest public cloud providers and many of the leading private cloud companies.

Netsil shares CNCF’s vision and focus on orchestrating containers for microservices based applications. The strong community built by CNCF helps both developer and operations teams adopt the latest technology trends. In a cloud-native world, operations teams can’t see and understand service interactions. Netsil is addressing this critical blindness for DevOps teams by giving them deep visibility into their applications. Netsil is happy and proud to be a partner in the journey towards a more cloud-native world.

Join us at KubeCon!

Netsil is also a Gold sponsor at Linux Foundation’s upcoming KubeCon and CloudNativeCon. We are excited to bring our technology to the Kubernetes community and look forward to engaging with you at KubeCon.

If you’d like to get started and monitor the health of services in your Kubernetes cluster you can get started free now. The AOC is available both as a Service and also a self-hosted image.

Sign up for Netsil Cloud, install the traffic collectors on the hosts you’d like to monitor and gain complete visibility into your Kubernetes applications within minutes.

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