The rise of cloud technologies and microservices has enabled enterprises to cut down the time it takes to delight users with their applications and services. The demand for new applications is hitting remarkable scale as entire industries get revolutionized with new use-cases.

However, delivering modern applications and services in a reliable, secure and performant way remains a monumental challenge especially when using modern abstractions such as Kubernetes and Docker containers. Distributed applications are seen as a network of interconnected services where the complexity has shifted to the interplay between various services. They also tend to be polyglot (written using many languages and frameworks) which adds to the chaos and operational challenges.

Netsil is addressing these challenges by providing unprecedented and out-of-the-box visibility into modern distributed applications. We are committed to making the lives of DevOps and SRE teams drastically easier by speeding up their workflows for incidence response, deploy management, capacity planning, service-level objective management and distributed application performance management.

Netsil originated as a collaboration between researchers and industry practitioners. We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive research and operational experience in web-scale applications, network stream processing, declarative languages and large scale data analytics.


Harjot Gill
CEO and Co-Founder

Harjot has several years of experience in building distributed systems and, as the CEO, drives the overall business and technology vision at Netsil. Prior to Netsil, Harjot was a Ph.D. candidate in Computer and Information Science at University of Pennsylvania, where his research focused on the intersection of multicore systems, declarative languages, distributed and fault-tolerant systems, and software-defined networks.

Shariq Rizvi
COO and Co-Founder

Shariq is a seasoned entrepreneur and brings to the table extensive experience of building solid products and fast-moving teams that power new businesses. At Twitter, Shariq co-founded their Performance Ads business as a Director of Engineering on the Twitter Ads team. He came to Twitter from the acquisition of Dasient, a web security startup that he co-founded out of Google.

Tanveer Gill
Chief Architect and Co-Founder

Tanveer co-founded Netsil based on his research done at University of Pennsylvania. Tanveer’s interests span across the areas of distributed and parallel computing, stream processing, time series databases and declarative languages. Tanveer loves bringing together multiple disciplines and building products that people love to use.

Arvind Soni
VP of Product

Arvind has over 15 years of technology industry experience across engineering, product management and marketing. Prior to Netsil, Arvind was lead Product Manager for OpenStack distribution at VMware. He was crucial in building OpenStack based private clouds at several Fortune 500 companies. Arvind has also worked at Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs and Intel on distributed systems as well as CAD algorithms.

Jai Desai
VP of Enterprise Sales

Jai is the VP of enterprise sales functions at Netsil. Prior to Netsil, Jai was Sr Director of Enterprise Sales at HashiCorp. He expanded sales to large, global organizations in all the continents while leveraging direct customer relations and the company’s channel ecosystem to grow its commercial customer base. He has lead and managed product development, sales teams, performed hardware/software implementations, and staff training/mentoring. Jai has also worked at Microsoft, Cisco and NetApp.


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